Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boatman’s 2013 Adventures

I love building my yearly dream list of events and activities I want to do and 2013 is no different.  Feel free to join in and or throw me some feedback about any of these events.  I am still working on some other ideas too so stay tuned.

Jan 19 – McDowell - Mtn Bike Race–
This was an ass whipper.  Huge field of over 50 racers in my Marathon Class, sick as a dog days leading up to the race i caught the flu, ended up 21st overall.

Feb 9 - White Tanks - Mtn Bike Race - 
Great race.  Huge Team River Cyclery & Sport Turnout.  Ended up 5th in Marathon class and for my first time won some money.  It was only $25 bucks but i'll take it.  
Far right long socks

2013 Specialized Epic Expert

Feb 23 - Sierra Vista, AZ - Mtn Bike Race -
Awesome course at just over 4,000ft.  Was averaging about 26-27min laps up til the 5th lap when I tore the sidewall.  Mother f'r.  I had been racing all season with no tools and up to this race I had been running super heavy bullet proof tires and well I felt like gambling and I lost.  So I started to run back towards camp where a friendly racer from gave me a tube, co2 and tire iron.  Can't be thankful enough.   He sped off and got to fixing my flat.  Thought I was good to go then had the ever common co2 failure and only got about half in the tube, so back to running again then met up with another racer who gave me his co2 and then I was 100%.  "Pay it forward" charging hard.  I was able to still manage 7 laps and hold on to a 9th place finish.

Feb 24 - Mesa, AZ - Adventure Run - Tough Mudder 
See blog entry

Mar 9 – Estrella - Mtn Bike Race - 
Great race, terrain kicked my arse, set bike up way to stiff.  Still learning about this Specialized Brain suspension.  At about hour 3 I was started to get weak but kept pushing one made about 2 passes on my 5th lap to get me in the $$$ 5th place overall.

Apr 6 - Prescott – Mtn Bike Race
Fast, fast course.  Ran in the front and faded to a 9th place finish.  Everyone was on pace for sure.  Couple nutrition mistakes.  I felt decent all race but dam everyone was just hauling major ass.

Apr 19 - ArizonaTrail Race - Bike Packing Race - 300 mile
see post

May 18 - Flagstaff – Mtn Bike Race - 

This was a wild ending to a tough season.  Held 3rd overall for the season in the Men's Marathon class.  My first time completing the entire season.  Not to shabby, lots of room for improvement.

June 8 – 12 Hours of Temecula – Mtn Bike Race

Kicked ass as part of the River Cyclery & Sport Team.  Podium 3rd in 3 Person Male.

June 9 - Holcomb Valley Trail Run - Trail Run 50K, 4,000+ feet of elevation gain
This was another ass kicker, especially after the team 12hour race the day before.  I wanted to support my new friend and potential Adventure Race teammate Marco.  So we met up at Karen's in Big Bear the night before, prepped our meals and hit the hay.  Start of the race it was obvious it was going to be warm.  I was only able to stay with Marco for the first 3 miles then he slowly faded away.  This was going to hurt but I knew I would finish.  My goal was under 8 hours.  I paced myself and conserved my body.  Took care of some foot management and needed nutrition.  The course did a huge figure eight.  At times I would pair up with other racers for comeradie but ultimately everyone hits walls at different times.  The last 2 hours I felt great.  Shirt off, getting some sun I was hauling to the finish.  I was about 4 miles to the end on a long descent when I caught my friend Marco and he wasn't looking good.  He pushed so hard in the beginning he hit a massive dehydration, cramping wall and was forced to walk the last 6 miles.  Marco is a beast and one hell of an athlete and his pace in the beginning was impressive.  We finished the race as a team in just under 7hours 15minutes.  Beating our time goal and also out team goal.

July 27 - Prescott 12 Hours at Night - Mtn Bike Race - Prescott, AZ
Alex Romero and I before the course turned muddy.

The number to beat.

1st Overall and 1st in Duo Mens
Alex and I raced one hell of a race.  Those kids behind us were the real deal.  Great race everyone even the track was a mud bog for the first 5 laps.


October 5 - Dolores 100 - Southwest Colorado – Mtn Bike Race

Nov 9 – 12 Hours of Temecula – Mtn Bike Race
Nov 23 – Attack the Crack – Mtn Bike Race
Nov ?? - Tough Mudder World Championship - Somewhere Cold 

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