Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 Arizona Trail Recap.

Well it's been awhile so I thought I'd share some recent news.

The line up of AZT 750 Racers at the US/Mexico Border

Arizona Trail was cut short from the planned full route 750 to just the 300 mile race this year.  It wasn't because of mechanical, dehydration, pain or any of the normal dropping reasons.  I dropped out cause I got bored. Many people will read this and not understand, but I wasn't having any fun racing all by myself.  I understand that this is a solo sport and company isn't found in the form of much more than beautiful sceneries and personal memories.  I couldn't help but remember how fun it was last year to run in to different faces and listen to there stories.

Heres the short version of how the race went for me...

Big thanks to the guys at Sun N Spokes in Sierra Vista, AZ for driving 8 of us the border.  Got there about 30 minutes early and froze til the start.

Gear was on point.  Having raced last year I knew exactly what to bring and what to leave out.  No complaints in this department.

The race started and off I went.  Had a rare occurrence and broke my chain masterlink about 8 miles in.  I have personally have never broke one of those before but switched it out and got back rolling in less than ten minutes.  Pushed hard with a rider from TN named Jason Murell.  He was a rookie and we teamed up til he got a stomach bug about 11PM about 20 miles outside of Cave JX on the first day.  Ended up making it to Rincon Valley which was my Day 1 goal at about 2AM with Pete and Ester who were racing the 300.  Made bed on the porch with hopes of refueling and moving on at sunrise.

Picture of Jason and I taken by Scott just before West Canales.

Woke up to the PIMA County Sheriff Department at about 530AM.  LOL.  Pushed up the hill and never saw anyone on the trail til, just before Antelope Peak a day later, I saw 3 girls on their own bikepacking adventure.  They were riding the trail North to South from Picketpost TH in Superior to Oracle.  No easy feet for sure.  Here I cant even get one of my friends to join me on these types of trips and here are 3 girls rocking it in the middle of the desert.  You go girls.

The rest of the race went smooth.  I hit the heat and my water plans worked great.  No snake encounters a few Gila Monsters but nothing to shaky.  I made it to the turn off towards Picketpost away from the Gila at about sun down and it took me about 3 hours longer than expected but no drama.

Made bed at the Picketpost TH and waited for some other racers to roll in.  Hoping for some company to continue on but never made a connection.

Next years plan...who knows.


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