Monday, November 4, 2013

Looking to build an Expedition Adventure Race Team

Having relocated to Durango, Colorado I'm super excited to reignite my Adventure Race Passion... put my feelers out and see if I can find a few willing adrenaline junkies to go racing with. 
Natalie, me, Karen, Paul GRML 2012

My goal is to build a Competitive Expedition Adventure Race Team of dedicated, willing racers for the 2014 season, and hopefully further.  The team is comprised of 4 racers and at least one of which has to be female.  If you have participated in some form of multi-hour/day team sports then you probably understand when I say how important it is that we are more than friends...we are a family.  Race families plain and simple share everything and move as a whole we are not racing for ourselves but for the team.  It would be best if we all lived closed by for training and travel purposes but this is not a requirement.

The disciplines, skills and challenges of AR are vast some quick examples are... 
trekking, paddling (open, flat and rapids), mtn biking, cycling, nutrition, food plan, running, orienteering, maps, first aide, trekking, bush whacking, ropes, sleep, hike-a-bike, gear, preparation, terrain, language, luck, cultural barriers, travel, navigation.

 ...but the concept needs to always be the together...move together...plan together...finish together… team, team, team.  There are no points given when you leave a teammate behind.  So your personality that you portray when your hungry, dehydrated, sleep deprived, lost, wet and cold are what I'm interested in.  

Helping out a teammate by giving them a tow.
  • Team of 4 full-time racers with the option of 2 alternates (1 female, 1 male).  I understand people have families and work schedules that will supersede AR and I want to realistic not everyone can do this schedule.  
  • Idea is to have the team carry the name, and integrity of the team throughout the season.
  • 4 Expedition events per year
  • 3 to 4 Team training camps
So if you've read this far then maybe your interested in being apart of the team.  Shoot me an email with a quick bio on yourself as it pertains to AR.  Social Media links are great.  Thanks for checking it out and I hope to see you out there.

Aaron Boatman 

Team SOG, Idaho Expedition 2011

GRML 2011

Links: - US National AR Series  - World AR Series  - US National AR Series  - Forum website for AR

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  1. Hi Aaron, shoot me an email -> nmarclub at gmail . com re: expedition AR Thanks Jeff