Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 Arizona Trail Race

To all my fellow supporters, friends and family,

Lets start off with an intro video made by my Brazilian friend Maurício Cervenka about the Arizona Trail, hope he doesn't get mad I shared it.  He does awesome work video work.  Password is mauricio123

As many of you may know last year I competed in the 2012 Arizona Trail Race event.  It is a 750 mile mountain bike race south to north across the state.  In short I was disqualified for hitch hiking to get food just South of Mormon Lake outside of Flagstaff some 40 Miles.  Even though I didn't move forward on the race course I did use outside assistance which for this particular BikePacking Race is against the rules.  On the "Divide Race" which is how I learned about this race it is legal to use transportation of course as long as you continue back to the place where you left the course...for more info on that story click this blog entry

So this year I’m back to give it my best.  I greatly appreciated all the social media support many of you gave me last year.  I hope you can continue to support me this year and maybe even ride your bike while I’m on mine.

The race starts this Friday April 19th at 630AM.  Ill be wearing a GPS tracking device and will check my phone once a day if I can, but love hearing from everyone it REALLY HELPS.  Facebook is the best for that.  Below are some helpful websites and links to follow my progress.  Please try to fix up and ride your bike while I'm gone.  I promise it won't hurt you.

This is the official tracking software of the event. You can use it best from a home computer and track distance along the route and lots of other data information.

This is a mobe app that doesn’t require a download just go to from your phone and click on the Arizona Trail Race.

Ill post updates as best I can on here.


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